Matt Mitchell

Taekwondo and Systema Instructor

Matt has been a certified martial arts instructor for over 15 years. He began his martial arts training in High School by joining the wrestling team. By his Junior year he had lettered in wrestling and became team captain. He started his Taekwondo training at 18 earning his black belt under Grandmaster Seung Kyu Yang, a Yong-In University graduate and World Cup champion.

He holds 4th Degree through the Kukkiwon, which is the World Taekwondo Headquarters based in Korea, and has many years of experience working with adults and children addressing their individual needs. He has competed in Taekwondo competitions winning gold, silver and bronze medals in sparring and poomsae (forms).

Matt began training in Systema in 2013 and is certified through Vladimir Vasiliev. He regularly trains with Martin Wheeler, Daniel Gutierrez, Cash Nickerson and other instructors.  In addition, Matt has been a bouncer in Dallas clubs for a number of years where handling bar and street fighting, crowd control and personal protection were requirements.  He now teaches at The Academy Dallas providing martial arts and fitness training.