Little Warriors Taekwondo

This Class is for Ages 3-5

Our Little Warriors Taekwondo program is 3 days per week and is half an hour. This allows small children to be introduced to martial arts in a fun and exciting way! The program focuses on improving children’s listening and concentration skills as well as their physical abilities. They will perform exercises and training suited for their age which will make them want to come back to learn more!

They will earn new belts and rewards in the class as they improve, learn to follow rules and how to behave appropriately in a class setting. It will also allow children to learn some independence by being away from their parents for a short period of time and enjoy interacting with other children. This program is a safe, fun and healthy way to teach your little warrior valuable life skills!

The main goals of the Little Warriors program is to:

  • Give Young Children a Foundation for Martial Arts
  • Learn Basics of TKD – Stances, Punches, Blocks, Kicks, Etiquette
  • Listen and Following Instructions in a Class Setting
  • Respect Others
  • Exercise and Improve Motor Skills
  • Improve Memory
  • Have Fun!