In situations where young women are vulnerable it is invaluable for them to have some tips and techniques to stay safe.

We teach situational awareness, basic self-defense strikes and kicks as well as Kenpo Karate techniques against common attacks. Classes start with some strength training and stretching. Classes also include controlled sparring. All designed to raise self-confidence in confrontative situations.

The course is taught by Sandy and Colin — both second degree black belts in American Kenpo Karate.

One hour classes will be held on Saturday and Sunday mornings starting at 10:30am. Please call Sandy at 214-244-2597 while we firm up class schedules.

This course builds a nice foundation for any young woman looking to develop self-defense skills, as the course employs fundamentals from several disciplines in its overall objective. Colin and Sandy are a great pairing: Colin looks intimidating but has a gentle style that’s very effective as girls begin to spar; Sandy is extremely approachable and easily draws out those who may tend to be a bit more reserved.

A lot of attention is paid to individual progress over the course schedule, and no one is left behind. My daughter walked away with a level perspective on confrontation, how to try to avoid it and what to do if it’s unavoidable.


student's father

My daughter has not only learned how to defend herself physically, she has been made aware of many potential harmful situations I would have never thought of discussing with her.

Sandy & Colin are very good with beginners and through Systema have provided her with a combination of physical and mental skills that will last her a lifetime.


student's father